Story About Us

We are specialist processors tending to provenance plantations in India through backward integration programs guaranteeing food safety, authenticity, sustainability and traceability from farm to fork. The intrinsic qualities of real food flavours are preserved and delivered in a variety of packaging formats conforming to international code of practices of global retail brands. India is our corporate base; it has been 26 years since we began our journey in a small way.In 2019 we are making Yummy as brand to reach the farthest corners of the globe. What keeps us going is our inherent ability to adapt to global food-safety challenges, world-wide reach, in-depth product knowledge, quality of conformance to the highest food-safety standards, top-down innovation approach, up-to-date infrastructure and a growing consumer base.

How are food-safe products processed?

Food ingredients can be sterilized using many different methods. We consider Steam Treatment of Herbs & Spice as the safest alternative for reducing microbial contamination without altering the chemical composition of essential oils, attributed to their characteristic taste and aroma.

Methyl Bromide and Ethylene Oxide are considered toxic and have been banned in Europe and USA for treating Spice. Irradiation is not considered a safe alternative either. We provide Natural, Steam Washed and Steam Sterilized products in Whole, Crushed and Ground forms.

Yummy Product Range

We can perhaps never arrive at an “all exhaustive” range. We are rediscovering old and forgotten flavours, experimenting with new flavours and developing unique blends for niche retailers who have held the world markets under sway with their impressive repertoire.

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